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Melrose Ballroom

Have fun with.... Greek style
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The Greek bouzoukia of New York

22:00 - 24:00
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  • USA
  • Posted 2 years ago

Are you in New York and looking for Greek bouzouki? Mellrose Ballroom it differs in almost nothing from a similar shop in Greece. If someone wants to meet Greek expatriates and travelers en masse in New York, it is enough to book a table there on a Friday or Saturday night.

The Greek bouzouki of New York, the Melrose Ballroom, located in the heart of Long Island City, just minutes away from Manhattan in the Astoria area. Big and well-known names of the Greek musical pentagram have appeared on his track for special appearances, such as Vasilis Karras, Natasa Theodoridou, Despoina Vandi, Nikos Makropoulos, George Tsalikis, Thanos Petrelis, George Papadopoulos and Kostas Karafotis.

For Greeks, who are thirsty for a “taste of” Greece as they are thousands of miles away. And they do it not just by drinking their drink and listening to some Greek song from the speakers of a club, but by dancing on the tables sirtaki and tsifteteli, under the sounds of a live music program and throwing flowers, as if they were in bouzoukia of Poseidonos Avenue, Ieras Odos or Piraeus.

  • Live Music
    Are you planning a concert? The state-of-the-art installation with a 30" HD video wall, line array sound system and smart lighting system makes the Melrose Ballroom stage one of the best in Queens.
  • Social Events
    Space is important when planning your social event. The venues are equipped to handle parties of all kinds. Schedule a site visit by contacting them and see why their clients love hosting their social events at the Melrose Ballroom.
  • Corporate Events
    Corporate events require the highest level of professionalism and quality planning. Their management and staff have many years of experience in hosting successful corporate events. Pay a visit to their website to see why they will be the perfect choice for your corporate event.
  • Weddings & Receptions
    Once we find someone we love, we get engaged and finally our wedding day arrives and becomes one of the most special moments in our lives. At Melrose Ballroom, they recognize the importance of this unique experience and ensure that every detail of your wedding day is handled with precision and high quality.

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36-08 33rd St. Long Island City, NY 11106 95014

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